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The Strange Upbringing of Wikileaks Founder Jullian Assange
The Strange Upbringing of Wikileaks Founder Jullian Assange
Australian hacker Julian Assange, Wikileaks' silver-coiffed leader, increasingly appears to be the main character in a Web 2.0 Mad Max sequel. His past includes a carefree childhood, escaping a cult and motorcycling around Vietnam. is the whistle-blowing website that's responsible for dozens of high-profile leaks, including this year's Iraq attack helicopter video. Much of the information contained in the long profile of Assange in this week's New Yorker is not new: Assange and his haphazard crew are overly paranoid; Assange is a passionate crusader who sees Wikileaks as the vanguard in a new movement for radical transparency; Assange is sort of a weirdo hobo, who travels the world with a duffel bag full of socks.
But New Yorker reporter Raffi Khatchadourian delves deep into Assange's past and we learn about the abbreviated childhood that shaped his obsessions. Assange for a time lived on the tiny Magnetic Island off the coast of Australia. He was homeschooled, grew up riding horses and making rafts, and when he was eight his mom hooked up with a musician. Things got weird:
Really, how could this guy end up becoming anything but the shadowy leader of an activism network dedicated to exposing government secrets?

"When governments stop torturing and killing people, and when corporations stop abusing the legal system, then perhaps it will be time to ask if free-speech activists are accountable"

Cricket records are synonymous with Sachin Tendulkar and the Master Blaster has amassed innumerable laurels in his two decades of international cricket. During this journey, he has scored 99 hundreds and over 32,000 runs.
My favorite hero... and Guru!

his unique Life-Style and attitude is always an inspiration to me
JAGO - Party

(a party of Young - Generation)

Terrorism, discrimination based on reservation, injustice, corruption, crime, unemployment, poverty, pollution, ......--  problems of India are multiplying every day, but there is nobody coming forward to offer a solution.
And we common Indians carry on our lives as usual hoping that something good will happen someday on its own.
Let us realize that nothing will change till we, the common people, wake up. To bring about this change, we need to clean the system by being a part of it and not as an outsider. Let us all rise to this occasion.
We admire A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, T. N. Shesan, Narayan Murthy, K. P. S. Gill, Kurien Verghese, E. Sridharan, Kiran Bedi, Joginder Singh, Dr. Jai Prakash Narayan, Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Aruna Roy, Sundeep Pandey and similar other leaders for their selfless contribution to the nation.
We have launched this political organization called JAGO PARTY to initiate this cleaning action and to say boldly that enough is enough.
The party was registered with the Election Commission in January 2008. Contested 27 assembly & 18 LS elections so far in Rajasthan, Bihar, Mumbai, Haryana etc. Within 2 years, about 70,000 people have joined the Party as members across the country.
Launched  Shikayat Karo, Bharat Badlo  ( Change India by lodging complaints ) campaign. Under this compaign people are encouraged to send their complaints ( related to crime & corruption)  to us. We forward the same to concerned departments & follow it up using RTI Act. So far we have received app. 2000 complaints, details are available at this website. Many of these issues are solved and can be read under category \" Success Stories\" . Now we are getting 15- 20 complaints a day. This service is completely free.
We invite committed, educated and non-political citizens to join us . You can join us online or mail to .
Remember: The smallest action is much better than the noblest intention !!
Jai Hind!
Deepak Mittal (Founder President)
People Behind Jago Party

Deepak Mittal (President) - Born in Haryana in a poor family, did his initial studies at Assam & Kolkata. Started a small business at Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) when he was just 19, and rose to be a successful businessman. He is  self motivated to raise a voice for the betterment of our motherland and hence launched Jago Party as a platform to awaken India.

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