Imagine a world, where there are no-cable wires and your body acts as a transmission media...

one-of my favorite future technologies...

often called as "REDTACTON"

Lady Java Music Video for Java!


Flexible paper-like smart phone
Flexible paper-like smartphone has been produced and demonstrated in Canada, which can play music and read e-books, of course, can also make phone call. :) It can be used as touchscreen or manipulated by being bent.

Paperphone is jointly researched and produced by Queen’s University in Kingston of Canada, USA’s Arizona State University and the E-Ink Corporation’s researchers, it’s made of electronic paper of millimeters thick, e-Ink it uses is same with the technology of Amazon’s Kindle E-reader.

paper phone

Coming soon: "Earth, live-streamed from space"

The first-ever HD streaming video feed of Earth from space, and will let viewers to see objects as small as one metre wide.

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